Our Staff

The true heart of a Service starts with the Educators . Everyday our Educators come to the Centre with eagerness and a passion for teaching, and guiding children's learning.  Click here to see a gallery of our fantastic staff in action. Also, below is a brief bio on some of our key staff. 

Mr Bret

Bret started with our company in 2009 as a 'mere bus driver'. From early on we recognised Bret's excellent customer service and promoted him regularly. 

Bret has managed multiple centres for us including Bracken Ridge and is now responsible for all our centres in his role of State Manager. 

Whether you're a child, parent or staff member, Bret will do his best to give you a premium and personalised service.  

Miss Cassy

Miss Cassy is our Centre Manager. She joined our Service over 10 years ago and has worked in various positions within the business. Her experience, passion and dedication to early childhood education is inspiring. Cassy has one young daughter who also attend's the Centre. Being a parent, herself allows Miss Cassy to engage with Families on a personal level, offering advice and showing empathy when necessary.  Like her mentor, Mr Bret, Cassy has excellent customer service skills and will do her best to help families and team members.

Miss Benzeline

Miss Benzeline started teaching in Fiji at the age of 25. She taught Kindergarten and then moved to the International School in Fiji and continued teaching there for 6 years.

Benzeline has worked at Bracken Ridge Child care Centre since 2002 and is currently the lead educator of the Senior Kindy room.

When asked why she wanted to teach she said “For the love for Children, I always wanted to be a Teacher!”

Benzeline has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and care and is studying her Bachelor.