Kindergarten Learning Programs

Educational Program

We believe that children participate in teacher-initiated and child-initiated activities that are based on the individual child’s interests and developmental needs.


Our experienced teachers use the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG) to develop the program and monitor children's learning during the year. Throughout the course of the Kindergarten year teachers meet with families to communicate each individual child’s progress and goal achievements.


Within the kindergarten year children are scaffold-ed through a variety of literacy and numeracy experiences. We also provide experiences that support the holistic development of each child and encourage the development of social and emotional skills by teaching cooperation, taking turns, sharing, problem solving and communication. The play-based learning delivered as part of an approved kindergarten program helps children:

  • Develop a love of learning

  • Develop skills useful for life

  • Resilience, independence and self confidence

  • Explore media and a variety of technologies

  • Explore relationships and develop friendships

  • Be valued and respected

  • Be supported to transition successfully into school

  • Learn to think logically and deeply

  • Develop social skills

  • Learn nutrition and well-being

  • Learn early literacy and numeracy skills

  • Learn about the environment

Each child’s journey is documented throughout the year on the online platform Storypark. The children also have an individual learning portfolio which they can access at any time to reflect upon their special achievements, artwork and special moments throughout the Kindergarten year.


The educational program is always accessible as our Kindergarten teachers present them within their rooms while also sharing it with families via the Storypark platform.

Excursions / Incursions

As part of our commitment to learning, we conduct special excursions out of the centre, to follow up interests and add to the child’s learning experiences. We are very proud of the extensive Incursion and Excursion based activities that we offer inclusive to our Kindergarten program. The learning objectives and benefits of these activities are consistent with our Program with a on fun. Examples of activities include: 

  • Woolworths Fresh Food Discovery Tour

  • Australia Zoo 

  • Planetarium

  • Weekly Library Visits

  • Pilates Classes

  • Dance along

  • Sea Life

  • Henny Penny Hatchlings

Prior to any excursion taking place, parents will be advised in writing of the date,
time and destination of the excursion, and arrangements made for the supervision of
children, and transportation details.

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Sonia Smith
Kindergarten Teacher

"As a passionate educator of young children I understand that children learn in interconnected ways. I establish

environments that promote children's holistic development, that evoke curiosity, imagination and build on their

competencies. I use play based, inquiry based and project based experiences to support children's learning.

All of our kindergarten programs continue the education progression from younger rooms including social skills, following the kindergarten curriculum and getting the children ready for school."

Nature Play

 Nature play also provides opportunities for children to respond positively to challenges and responsibilities, to manage risk, to be adaptable and to cope with change. Through highly active outdoor learning and frequent nature play, children develop learning skills such as enquiry, experimentation, reflection, the ability to review, communication, problem solving, an enterprising attitude and cooperative learning.

Our Long Hours Kindergarten program offers a unique opportunity for children to get back to basics. This provides them with the opportunity explore the world around them through a weekly nature play program within one of the local park areas outside of the service.Nature play provides consistent opportunities to develop many skills addressed in the Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. This can help to bring many areas of development alive as they focus on real life situations and consequences.