About Us

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The Bracken Ridge Child Care Centre is a premium early learning centre located at 174 Norris Rd, Bracken Ridge in North Brisbane. The centre caters for children from 6 weeks to 12 years including an approved Kindergarten Program and a dedicated Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) facility. 

All rooms and play areas are larger than regulated requirements giving the centre and its leafy outdoor playscape a feeling of openness and freedom. In 2018 a complete refurbishment of existing rooms was completed, which complements the expansion of our junior centre in early 2018.  See this page for more information about our centre expansion and refurbishment program. 

Hands-on Private Ownership 

Bracken Ridge Childcare Centre is owned and operated by the Whiz Kids group, who are private owner/operators of premium Child Care Centres.  This is becoming rare in the industry as large corporate groups or management companies take over smaller operators. 

This means that our owners are intimately involved in the Centre. Our families come first and everything we do is focused on making their experience as rewarding and positive as possible. Many operators say they do this but we carry through.  For example, some of the largest operators around have a policy where families need to give two weeks notice to change a booking and four weeks notice to leave. We allow parents to change their bookings whenever they like, often on the day. We also allow families to swap a sick day or a public holiday for another day.


We treat the families with respect and appreciation. This then flows to our team because we understand that an unhappy or unsupported worker is not going to provide the best care for our families. Again, the proof is in the pudding, we have multiple staff that have been with us for more than 10 years and have very low turnover by industry standards. 

When staff are supported and the culture is positive they can focus on the care and education of the children. We believe that children are learning from their first weeks of life so every day is an opportunity to continue their education. In addition to learning numbers, colours, letters etc, it also means language, dance, physical movement and, especially, social. 

Our unique culture

In our 10+ years of operating child care centres we have found that we have a somewhat unique approach. 

Our first priority is our families - but we achieve this by focusing first on our staff. By providing our team with a fantastic work environment with all the support, resources and respect they need, and deserve, we ensure that they can focus on the care, well being, safety and development of our children.

It's quite a different approach to the cost-cutting and cookie-cutting of most corporate child care centres.

We know that our centres will be a success if the staff are fulfilled and happy. When staff are happy they go the extra mile in helping each other and our families and they have no reason to leave. With very low staff turnover our families and children can be assured they have familiar faces looking after them each and every day.