"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Music Program

Every week we have a representative from 'Dance Along' visit our Centre; providing classes for our Toddlers, Juniors, Seniors and Kindergarten rooms.  'Dance Along' offers an interesting and fun music/dance session, with an educational background to each class.  

Children aged between 0 and 5 years old experience the greatest impact from training in musical concepts than any other time of their lives. Musical intelligence is the first to appear in a baby, even before linguistic intelligence, but it needs encouragement.


Structured music classes help children express their feelings, have increased confidence, and the path to emotional, social and spiritual potential is prepared as well as offering children enjoyment and aesthetic pleasure. Many studies have been done in this area that reinforce the great benefits of early childhood music and movement education both in musical development as well as all other subject areas.  

Pilates Program 

Liz from 'Kids Heart Pilates' attends both our Kindergarten Rooms once a week, to provide the opportunity for children to experience a pilates class.  

There are many benefits that derive from children participating in pilates-like exercises; these include learning about healthy lifestyle, healthy movement development, and working on improving personal concentration. 

Kindergarten Excursion's


As part of the Kindergarten Program our Service offers, the Kindergarten children have the opportunity to experience a class excursion. To coincide with the children's learning, our Kindergarten Teachers organize an exciting excursion to various places that aim to captivate children's interests, encourage children's learning and strengthen children's independence.